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Puerto Saavedra is a small town located on the Pacific coast, 85 Kms. on paved roads from the City of Temuco in southern Chile. Its history, landscape, natural environment, and the traditions of the Mapuche communities are well-known outside of Chile.

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Unsurprisingly, Puerto Saavedra and its surrounding areas have inspired the creations of important artists.

Pablo Neruda
The area captivated this Nobel Prize winning poet early in his youth, including its imagery in some of his early poetry . . .
Ricardo Larraín
This cineaste used the scenario of Puerto Saavedra, its streets and landscapes in his award-winning movie "La Frontera"(1991)...
Jaime Huenún
Puerto Saavedra, its people and landscape, are included in the poetry of this famous Mapuche Poet, winner of the Pablo Neruda Award in 2003...