Lago Budi
(Budi Lake):
It is located at 6.2 miles west from Puerto Saavedra. It's the most southerly salty lake in the world. It's the habitat for more than 134 bird species such as black-necked swans and cormorants. A few islands and peninsulae form a beautiful landscape.
Playa Maule(Maule Beach):
At 1.2 miles from Puerto Saavedra it extends for 2.5 miles. It's the main beach in the area and you cannot miss it while visiting Puerto Saavedra.

Boca Budi (Budi Mouth):
Just 1.8 miles from the town you where Budi Lake and Pacific Ocean becomes one. It's known as land of black-necked swans.
La Ruca Lafken Leufu (Lafken Leufu Hut):
An interesting place to visit. Here they recreate Mapuche's way of living in a well conserved natural landscape.

Río Imperial Navigation
(Imperial River Navigation):
… Carehue. Because it's the only city in Cautín line that had a navigational river it became the only fluvial port of the Araucanía.

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